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Welcome to The Alternative Admin


Are you a small business with a major need for assistance?


Is your task list overwhelming, exhausting, or perhaps never ending?

Or maybe you spend more time on non-revenue generating tasks than you would like to admit?


If this sounds like you, The Alternative Admin could be the support you need.

We have worked with many small business owners and here is what we have picked up:


Not many of them have much free time. They work extremely long hours. And they worry constantly about the quality of their help.

Does this sound familiar?  

Now imagine for a moment you have a trusted, detail oriented, HIPPA compliant on demand Virtual Assistant you could delegate tasks to. She is not your employee, so you save money on taxes, healthcare, sick days, etc...  You can hire her for a day, a week, a month, a few days a month, consistently. Whatever you may need.  

At the Alternative Admin, our passion is to provide quality office support for small businesses. We focus on the office, so you can focus on your business.

Sound lovely?


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